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Refer to Purple Llama for more model details.

About this model

Model name to use in API calls:


Llama Guard is a high-performance model designed to enhance your existing API-based safeguards. This model is adept at identifying various common types of potentially risky or violating content, catering to a range of developer use cases. It is crucial, however, to regard this tool as a flexible starting point rather than a universal solution.

Model Developers: Meta

Variations: 7B

Model-Type: Completion

Input Models: Input text only.

Output Models: Generate text only.

Context Length: 4096

License: A custom commercial license is available at:

Out-of-scope Uses: Use in any manner that violates applicable laws or regulations (including trade compliance laws). Use in languages other than English. Use in any other way that is prohibited by the Acceptable Use Policy and Licensing Agreement for Llama Guard model.


To get the expected features and performance for the model, a specific formatting needs to be followed, including the [INST] and [/INST] tags, BOS and EOS tokens, and the whitespaces and breaklines in between (we recommend calling strip() on inputs to avoid double-spaces). See our reference code in examples.